Jewelry Care Guide: What You Need to Know

Boho Haze Clay is so grateful for your purchase. Now that you've made an investment, it is my hope to help you care for your jewelry properly. My pieces are made of polymer clay and may also have brass, stainless steel and/or gold plated components (this will be specified in the product listing).  Please read below for tips on how to care for and increase the longevity of your art pieces.


You may notice that polymer clay has some flexibility and can bend. Please DO NOT attempt to bend your jewelry as this can lead to snapping. Store your pieces in a cool, dry environment and remove when exercising, swimming or showering.

Brass components will tarnish over time. Not to worry, they can be shined up like new with a small polishing cloth.

If you have further questions regarding the care of your jewelry please reach out. I'm happy to help!